Use of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Applications

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Applications

Artificial Intelligence is popularly known as AI. It was only used in fiction novels & movies as a future technology a few decades ago, that is now becoming nascent. Many Companies have started adopting it in their business, showing a clear growth and thus gaining popularity. A study conducted by the Mckinsey Global Institute affirms that tech giants such as Baidu and Google have spent around $20 to $30 billion last year for research on AI. Although sectors such as Health-care & Finance are investing in AI the most wanted & utilized place of application is in mobile, especially smartphones that is easily accessible to everyone.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications is flourishing. Smartphones have started using AI in various clever ways, from photography to security. It is making our life easier. To count some, here are few of the implementations.


  • Using AI Smartphones can perform several tasks like sending messages and using online networks simultaneously.
  • Prisma is one of the worth knowing AI application for the users to have a clear masterpiece of them in their photos and videos.
  • Aipoly, an app designed for the visually impaired and blinds. This app recognizes the need of any human, to identify currency, food items, and even colours also. It can turn on the torch when it detects darkness.
  • Starbucks, an app which lets you order coffee through voice commands, as we do in a shop.
  • Google smart apps for smart messages that help us to solve problems, also can send email through voice assistant.
  • Voice search engine to get the information we need without having to type.
  • Speech Recognition Technology, this technology allows decoding and transforming human speech into a format that is understandable to a computer.
  • Chatbots, a business application used to interact with people online to receive feedback from online users.
  • Text analytics and NLP technology allow us to get the information we need in a search engine. This technology is mostly used for security and fraud detection systems.
  • Emotion recognition, that allows the software to read emotions from the human face with the help of image processing. This tool is known by most of the people.
  • Contextual Awareness, these devices know how to adapt to a specific situation. (AI helps to send reminders to the users based on the time a user has woken up).
  • Intelligent apps know to push notification which has to be sent. (If there is a meeting in a different place, the app reminds you to book tickets accordingly).

At present companies are just at the surface of what is possible with the help of AI. The Capabilities & reach of AI is vast in all sectors and it is quite obvious that in future people will start using AI in all fields for their development & growth.

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