Latest Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019

Latest Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019


Mobile Applications need no introduction in today world for the reason that now even the older generation along with the new generation is getting addicted to it with its eye-catching UI & a User Interactive platform. With the Latest Android Mobile devices getting updated day by day with the latest trending features, the Mobile Application Development area also needs to update itself to stay in the race. The year 2019 is no exception for this and to explain this take a look at the latest Trending things going around in the field of Mobile Application Development.


Material design is one of the apps which is more useful for this generation to make use of light and dark backgrounds. Material design paves way for creative ideas and new innovations, heading to various colour hierarchy.


We use gestures to communicate easily with other without talking much, the same logic of gestures is trending in the gadgets we use in our day to day life, helping us in our busy schedule to operate things with ease.

Gestures like touching, tapping the screen or dragging a particular app to share seem easy. Gestures are fast and it makes our work fast and in a simple method.


In this enduring world, people don't have the amplest time and spending this valuable time in going to the concerned department for paying the bills seems impossible. To get rid of this permanent issue, the development of mobile payment apps with safe and secure payment options is proving to be a boon to mankind reducing the overlap of time.


In this age of Internet & multi-tasking, sitting in one place for getting information or gaining knowledge about anything we want to know is killing time. High-Speed Mobile Networks are chopping down this limitation with the privilege of Mobility along with acceleration. Nowadays even schools prefer to use smart class technology for teaching purpose and it is not limited to the education field but is used in all other sectors as well.  

The most irritating thing while surfing the Internet is to see the web-page loading for a long time. Accelerated mobile pages, accelerates the web-page loading time enabling to fetch the required result in a short time.


Location tracking apps are the most useful and trending thing going around us. Be it tracking of the orders we place through online shopping or booking a cab to travel or ordering food, this is so satisfying and even very useful in case we miss parcel or find shortest & traffic free routes etc. This happens only because of Location tracking application.


The Future use of IoT is vast & in the present world, the use of IoT is in trend. With the help of a mobile network, we can now track and manage our household or any other device from wherever we want at our convenience. This is definitely going to be helpful and people would love it.


With the advent of 4G, the current generation is happy & excited due to its fast performance and accessibility as compared to its earlier counterpart 2G & 3G. With the advancement of the 5G network which is said to take only seconds to download anything we want, people’s expectations are also growing. 5G is yet to hit the world and everyone is eagerly waiting for it.


Beacon technology is mostly used by business people. It is said that the beacon technology market is set to surpass $25 billion by 2024. In general, beacon technology is nothing but connecting and sending information to other nearby devices. It is location-based searching and making interactions easier and accurate.


Trends keep on changing with time and therefore the development of the above mentioned mobile app may also change according to the popularity and usage among the people in our daily life. These are only a few to name which are expecting to be a trendsetter in the mobile application development arena for the year 2019.

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