IoT as Catalyst to Bring Digital Transformation

IoT as Catalyst to Bring Digital Transformation


Kevin Ashton, the inventor of IoT who termed this in 1999, acquainted the world that Internet can be used to connect the physical world via embedded sensors.  Kevin has shared his vision to alleviate the world with IoT in the forthcoming years and it is believed that mostly IoT will become a boon to the mankind.


IoT or Internet of Things can be explained as the system by which data can be collected by various types of sensors that can be embedded to almost any physical object that needs to be monitored or controlled by making use of the internet to connect for sending data and receive a processed input from the IoT network environment. Example of devices that lists under IoT are Security systems, home appliances, electronic appliances and lot more. IoT offers broad opportunities for business too.


A speculation of India being driven to its digitized version by 2020 is going around the world. IoT will have a major role to play in the process of this Digital Transformation. People are slowly stepping into it and IoT is widely used in business projects. People started adopting smart devices in all aspects of their life. This is going to magnify the process of Digital Transformation. Let see in what ways IoT is helpful for the world.


  • In business, it is a machine to machine communication.
  • It helps in monitoring the business in all aspects.
  • Helps in reducing the cost of maintenance.
  • It increases the production by it's speed and accuracy which is difficult to achieve by mere human intervention but still not defies the reason for maintaining skilled manpower.
  • Detectors to find if there are any leakages of gas to avoid an explosion.


  • Smart parking,
  • Smart roads and
  • Smart lights etc.,


  • The IoT devices can scan the human body, detect and tell you the disease before the body shows any symptoms.
  • Technology to diagnose critical issues in premature babies well in advance.


  • To reduce traffic jams with the help of traffic lights which is automated to change by analyzing the direction of bulk traffic.
  • Transport of products by tracking.


  • Forest fire detection,
  • Earthquake detection,
  • Detectors to check the chemical leakage in rivers,
  • Detectors to find the pollution level in the sea.


Nick Jones, vice president and distinguished analyst, says that “IoT demands an extensive range of new technologies and skills that many organizations have yet to master”. And it is said that IoT will be in a modernized version in a decade or less, than what we see IoT today.

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