Effective Ways of Promoting Your Android App

Effective Ways of Promoting Your Android App


An android app is one of the important ones which is easy for you to show people about the work you are doing. The app is not only meant for the online business people but also the other business people who indulged in small business anyone can have a mobile app for their business purpose. The benefit is high while comparing. Here we are going to see the ways to promote the Android app.

Using Facebook

An easy way to make people download your app and to spread around, make use of the Facebook app which allows you to create an advertisement for the Android and iOS users. Collect the email lists of Facebook users; through this, there are many possibilities to promote your app.

Using stores

There are stores in which you can submit your app. for, e.g., Google Play Store. There are many other stores too. Before giving your app make sure you complete it entirely because the first impression is the best to provide the best at first. You may update your app once in a while, but the app which you submit first talks more. So give out the best.

Make it premium

Make your app a premium one and free to download so that there are more possibilities for people to download it. Make it free with some premium features to increase the leads through the advertisement. When it is free, online users always wants it.

Use good reviews to promote the app. Create best reviews for the best results. There are some sites which can create good reviews for you to make people visit your app.


Make use of the technology to your favour. Make some YouTube videos about your app. Make it more frequently shown for YouTube visitors. So hundreds of people may see the videos, and if it is too good with many facilities, there is a chance for them to share it, and automatically your app can reach many people than you ever expected.


Your app icon is the only thing which you must work on before you work on any other part of your app. Because the image can easily attract people than the quote given to your app. So make your icon more enchanting.

Press release

Make use of the Press releases and promotions to promote your app. When you introduce your app in any press release, you can make many people get to know about your app instantly.


When you wanted to make your app more accessible and make everyone use it, make an advertisement which everyone sees nowadays. Make it more creatively so that it creates curiosity and creativity reaches many without any doubt.


Have contact with the developers and entrepreneurs group along with the social media group. So that you get exposure and an idea for the better app. You can give free access to them to try your app. When building contacts with such people, you can grab many opportunities to promote the app without spending.

Add Links

Add your app link in your website and make a perfect landing page. Make your visitors to download your app by highlighting with any offer.


Make a video of the problems your app can solve. Make it visible to all the visitors. Be sure to tell the issues and not the solution. Through this way, you can make people come to yore app.


Announce that people who share your app and do good reviews have an opportunity to receive a surprise. This giveaway gives you an excellent result.

Conduct contest

You can conduct many contests to your audience and tag each of them with proud contest hashtags and reward them publicly for you to make your app promoted.


These are the ways you can uniquely promote your app. Follow it periodically so that you can see results with numerous visits and bulky downloads.

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