Do We Still Need Seo in 2020?

Seo in 2020 | Captain Information Technology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an internet marketing technique that is used to increase the visibility of a website online on search engines.

The digital marketing world have witnessed a lot of changes over the previous years, and of course, SEO is something that is still prominent, and cannot be avoided when promoting your website online.

SEO is the essential element that has to applied for promoting your business online. Let us see why do we need SEO in detail.

1. The Search Engine Algorithms Changes Often

Google and other search engines frequently update their set of rules and guidelines. In order to retain or improve their position in the search engine result page (SERP), the websites must stay updated by following those rules and guidelines. Google may penalize businesses that do not take these algorithms into concern. As the google algorithms changes and updates often, it is important to stay updated with the SEO guidelines even in the year 2020.

2. Most of the Business Move Online Everyday

Popular businesses now recognize the importance of online marketing. Every business move online to increase their sales. In the competitive world of growing online businesses, it is essential to apply specific online marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Promotions, etc. to stand out of the markets.

3. SEO Attracts New Customers to the Website

Even though there are several paid online methods that attract new customers, SEO stands out as an economical method that helps to attract new visitors to the website and turn them into customers. As SEO helps your website to rank top in the search engine results page, it helps to bring new potential customers to your website, boost the conversion rates, and helps to build the business brand.

4. Better Customer Experience

When used in the right way, SEO is a compelling technique for improving customer experience. It helps the marketers to deliver exceptional experiences for the customers. A proper marketing technique not only attracts new visitors to their website but also turn them as their live and long-lasting customers. SEO is perhaps the most effective approach for better customer experience. Some SEO tactics such as creating relevant contents, making the website mobile friendly, improving site speed, etc. help in a better way for enhancing customer experience.

5. Local SEO Cannot Be Ignored for Your Business

Local SEO is also an important and unavoidable element in the online marketing of any business.Studies and researches have reported that more than 50% of the customers who have performed a local search for their needs through their mobile phones or tablets have visited a local business within the next 24 hours of time. A business that lacks their investment in local businesses or Local SEO might miss out these customers for their business. Therefore, local SEO is a technique that cannot be ignored.

6. Increases Credibility

Any business requires Internet exposure to survive in today's digital era, even if it is a big, medium, or small scale business. As SEO improves the traffic to a website, implementing SEO is an unavoidable factor in any business. Most of the search users check for the results on the first page of Google, and they believe that credible businesses can be found on the first page. So, implementing SEO techniques increases the brand trust and credibility of your business and lead more visitors that can gradually be converted into leads.

The Bottom Line

SEO is a great approach to increase your website visibility and boost the reputation of your business. Many businesses assume that SEO help is a slow process that doesn’t deliver immediate results as that of offline ads. But, investment in SEO will never be a loss, as it helps you to obtain long-lasting results and visibility for months or years. It not only brings you more return on investment (ROI), but also helps you to perform other digital marketing activities.

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