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Exchange Technology Solutions

Captain Infotech offers a full-featured end-to-end exchange solution based on Ax1Trading Platform technology, complete with matching engine, order management, market data distribution, risk management facility, web and desktop front-ends, APIs, customized settlement, clearing routines and registrar module.

Ax1 Trading Platform was successfully used in regulated stock and commodity exchanges across the globe.

Trading System Capabilities

The exchange solution provided for a highly-available redundant system.

  • Providing End-to-End solutions (from order entry, market surveillance, clearing and settlement to warehousing)
  • Separate member back-office and compliance systems in place
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party clearing, monitoring and risk management systems
  • Highly scalable infrastructure design to provide growth for business
  • Can be configured for Multi sessions within continuous markets
  • High Performance Order Matching Engine
  • Order Management System at Sell side with client management
  • Integrated Clearing and Settlement system
  • Connectivity with Bank for seamless transfer of funds
  • Integrated Depository system for transfer of shares

Exchange Technology Components Highlights

Front-End Layer

  • Trader Workstation (TWS)
  • Broker Workstation (MTWS)
  • Member Clearing terminal (Member-CT)
  • Reporting Tool (Administration Web)
  • Compliance Tool
  • Surveillance Tools


  • Role-based security – full implementation
  • Parameterization
  • Validations
  • Simple Message Queues
  • Multi-threading
  • Priority Queues
  • Buffering
  • Persistence and recovery

Brief Description

  • Highly scalable and cost effective implementation
  • Load balancing and process monitor becomes simpler
  • ISB ensures super fast message transfers between clusters
  • Process spawning on and off based on load reduces maintenance costs
  • Ensures single login across clusters
  • EOD operations managed through only the primary server
  • Simple 3 step process to add or remove a new cluster
  • ISB interconnectivity over a secure channel with authentication
  • Client connectivity via proxy ensuring no direct link to trade servers


  • Separate logs for each cluster ensuring easy recovery and compliance
  • Individual clusters can be monitored for performance
  • Risk management and Market surveillance becomes distributed hence better access and speedy actions

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